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Hear why your favorite independent craft brewers choose to remain independent craft brewers. And why they support the independent craft brewing community.

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Odell Brewing Fort Collins, Colo.

Odell Brewing will remain independent because we want to control our own future. We love what we do and we do it well.

Every one of our 140 co-workers is an equity owner of our brewery. We’ve called our own shots for 28 years and can’t imagine it any other way. We know we are the best longterm stewards of all we’ve created.

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Crystal Lake Brewing Crystal Lake, Ill.

Crystal Lake Brewing represents the very definition of local craft brewing. Founded by longtime friends Chuck Ross and John O’Fallon, CLB’s guiding mission is to bring great craft beer to their own home town. Partner and Brewmaster Ryan Clooney, having been brewing in Chicagoland for decades, has earned his reputation as an exceptionally skilled and highly experienced brewer.

For us, being independent means maintaining a strong relationship with our community, elevating the appreciation of beer and brewing culture, and of course, ensuring that we can brew the beers we envision with absolutely no compromises.

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Cigar City Brewing St. Tampa, Fla.


Independence grants Cigar City Brewing the ability to grow and develop in a way that’s organic and meaningful. When we design a new beer or experiment with a new ingredient we’re doing so because we want to share a unique idea with the world, not because we have corporate overlords who are demanding it. Our independence has allowed us to brew the beer that we want to brew and tell our story with our own voice, and we celebrate breweries who do the same.

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La Cumbre Brewing Company Albuquerque, N.M.

I alone did not build my brewery; without American craft breweries paving the way for us, I highly doubt that our industry would be where it is today and I certainly would not. To quote Jacob of Modern Times, “Every brewery owes their success to the industry as a whole—no craft brewery succeeds entirely on its own.” Selling out means that you believe that the sales numbers of your products are more important to you than the livelihoods of the hundreds of thousands of brewery employees that are employed in the craft brewing industry.

To me, independence is all about intention. My intention was and has always been to make a living brewing the very best beer I can brew. It dominates everything we do at La Cumbre. Multi-national corporations only concern is profit. If they can make more money producing a clear carbonated alcoholic beverage that has more in common with soda than it does with beer, that is exactly what they will make, and they have. Independence allows me to say, no; I will not make something I don’t believe in at all simply to make a profit. As an independent brewer, I will continue to brew the great beer that I believe in, and, with any luck, the consumers will find it compelling enough to continue purchasing.

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Roundhouse Brewery Brainerd, Minn.

Roundhouse Brewery was born from the idea that our community needed a brewery that served the community. Our location and name was based on the history of the railroad and rail yards running through our town, and their connection to our community. We look to serve our community, not a corporation and stockholders.

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Dead Bear Brewing Grayling, Mich.

Here at Dead Bear we love the ability to brew what we want, when we want! As a small brewpub we made tiny batches on a 1/2 bbl. SabCo. system brewing constantly to keep beer on draft. We put time, thought, and effort into everything we do here. It’s our dream, passion, and desire to brew great beer. And we’ll continue to do so until we can’t! Cheers and Rock On!

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Brew Republic Bierwerks Woodbridge, Va.


Independence has more to do with commitment to quality than brewery ownership. At Brew Republic, we take customer satisfaction very seriously, which drives our commitment to quality. The buck stops with us so we can ensure our beer is made from proper ingredients, using proper methods and equipment, without interference from outside ownership.

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OpenRoad Brewing Wayland, Mich.


We create mostly true to style craft beers and some crazy one offs. Everything required to get these beers from concept to glass happens right here at our small brewery. We put in the time to bring our fans the best and most unique craft beer experience we can. We each wear a lot of hats to pull this off, beer after beer, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, there are so many beers on store shelves that used to be independent and are now owned by AB In-Bev that truly independent breweries are squeezed out. If everyone stopped buying the AB In-Bev beers, the stores would stop stocking them. Every craft beer lover needs to ask their bottle shop to stock OpenRoad or any other true independent brewery’s beer and not the AB In-Bev products.

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Fremont Brewing Seattle, Wash.


For Fremont Brewing, independence means NO ONE IS THE BOSS OF US. We answer only to our love of the craft and our passion for innovation and quality. Independence means we’re not slaves to Big Beer’s corporate bottom line. We’re free to experiment in our quest for perfection and spend a little more on locally grown malt or organic hops. Independence means we can take care of our employees and their families, give generously back to our community, and push the budget limit on sustainability. Because it’s the right thing to do. We know craft beer lovers care about the people, values, and vision behind the beer in their glass. And we know that independence is the heart of craft beer. That’s why Fremont Brewing took the pledge to Take Craft Back and we’re proud that soon all our labels and packaging will display the Independent Seal. Because INDEPENDENT Beer Matters!

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Check Six Brewing Co Southport, N.C.


We are small, independent, and for us, we prefer that you keep you North Carolina Beer Dollars in North Carolina. Why would you support a company that isn’t even on this continent? Are they ever going to help us!!

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The Guardian Brewing Company Muncie, Ind.

As a relatively new craft brewing company, being independent is at the core of our business. We strive to create locally crafted products that benefit local growers and reinvest as much as possible into our community through events and programs. As a beer drinker, we urge you to give beer crafted by those in your community a chance, your purchase will go directly back into the community you live!

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Ska Brewing Durango, Colo.


Being an independently owned craft brewery is important here at Ska Brewing because it allows us to be honest with our fans and true to ourselves. We started out as punk kids who were into comic books, home brewing and ska music. Nowadays we’re adults still into the same stuff and free to pursue our passions.

Why have we chosen to remain independent? Because being owned doesn’t sound fun at all. Not having the freedom to learn from our mistakes or truly celebrate our hard-won successes feels empty.
Transparency is an important trait that fosters trust between brewer and beer drinker. Supporting major conglomerates and their “high end” acquisitions just means you’re supporting Rotgutzen; and that could easily snowball into a monotonous offering on shelves, in bars, at stadiums or in airports.

So while we believe that everyone should drink whatever they enjoy, supporting independent means that as a beer lover, you’ll have continued access to the amazing things we and our craft brewery brethren are doing. There will be hits and misses, no doubt. But on this crazy, beer-soaked journey together, we’ll learn from you what you like and maybe we’ll introduce you to a style you never would have considered.
It ain’t always easy, but it is always worth it.

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Dust Bowl Brewing Company Turlock, Calif.


For Dust Bowl Brewing Co., “independent” means local and homegrown. We’ve built our business one employee at a time – from an owner and a brewmaster to employing over 150 craft beer lovin’ staff members! We take great pride in handcrafting exceptional beer for our customers. We’ve created a culture of creativity and collaboration…and love to share it. With every beer comes a story that resonates from our brand roots, which can only happen when you stay true to your history and passion – which means independence matters.

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Brooklyn Brewery Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Brooklyn Brewery was founded in 1988 by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter with the lofty goal of returning brewing to Brooklyn. The early days of the craft beer revolution were not easy, but Steve and Tom created an excellent team, united the community in our Williamsburg home, and set out to make history.

Today, James Beard Award-winning Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team create both traditional and boundary-pushing beers that are known around the world. As Williamsburg has developed, the Tasting Room has transformed from a quiet artists’ haven to a bustling beer destination. We are driven by our commitment to independence, community, and excellent beer, and we will continue to champion these standards at home and across the globe.

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Harpoon Brewery Boston, Mass.

Harpoon was started in 1986 by Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle, and George Ligeti. They were three friends who loved beer and loved drinking beer together but found the beer choices at the time to be limited. They decided to build a brewery so that they could brew the beers that they wanted to drink, and invite their friends to the brewery to drink it with them. Though many things have changed since the early days of Harpoon, much has stayed the same. We still love brewing beer and enjoying it with friends. And in August 2014 Harpoon became an employee owned company!

What’s really at stake here? Independence and pure entrepreneurism. As an employee owned brewery, our independence and entrepreneurial creativity are what make us who we are. We will always fight to protect that, and will stand with others like us in the craft community who feel just a strongly as we do. Our beer comes from a place of passion and community, and from a place of fandom.

We are proud of the way we run our business – the quality of our beer, the way we market our beer, the festivals we throw to celebrate it, the friends we make because of it, and the community, transparency, integrity and independence that the craft movement has always been about and that we proudly stand with. You’re why we love doing what we do – Love Beer. Love Life.

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Allagash Brewing Company Portland, Maine

We find immense value in our independence. Our brewery is a gathering place, a career for over 120 people, a site of innovation, and a philanthropic organization that supports our home of Portland, Maine. And there are now over 5,000 other craft breweries that offer countless benefits to their communities. Being independent allows us to grow at our own pace, ensuring that we never have to stray from our original path. Most importantly, we have full control over the culture of family and inclusion in our brewery—a daily reality that is as important to us as the quality of the beer we brew. Independence is about more than beer, and we appreciate its benefits every single day.

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Port City Brewing Alexandria, Va.

Port City Brewing Company is proud to be small and Independent. We cherish our ability to determine our own future: which beers to brew, when and where to sell them, everything. As an independent brewery, Port City Brewing controls its own destiny, we are not a small component of a corporation’s larger plans.

Independence allows us to be nimble and responsive to the market; we brew what we want rather than what tiers of management dictate. Port City drinkers are a loyal bunch and not shy about telling us what they’d like to see next. We would not compromise that ground-level connection by becoming part of some giant international conglomerate.
Our customers know our team, from the part-time Beer Guide to the founder; we have created strong, authentic personal bonds that no corporate marketing campaign could replace. Our idiosyncrasies, personalities, and preferences make their way into the product and imbue the company with spirit and soul. Selling out would sacrifice that very spirit and soul.

We also believe that beer drinkers value independence as much as we do. Craft beer was born in the spirit of Independence. It came from beer drinkers wanting more from their beer: more flavor and more choices.

This Independent spirit is what has fueled the growth and excitement of craft beer; this is what makes craft beer special.

We embody that Independent spirit and want it to live on and thrive!

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Maui Brewing Company Kihei, Hawaii

Maui Brewing Co. exists to be a community focused craft brewery. We source as much as possible locally for both our beers and our restaurants. Independence matters because we make decisions based on doing the right thing and not just by the impact bottom line. Large brewers focus on driving shareholder value ignoring how those decisions effect the team and the surrounding community.

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Dogfish Head Brewery Milton, Del.

Back in the early-90’s when I decided to open a small adventurous brewery called Dogfish Head one of the things that drew me to this burgeoning industry was the independent and rebellious spirit of the craft brewing pioneers.  I was inspired by people like Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada, Carol Stoudt of Stoudt’s Brewing, Jack McAuliffe of New Albion, and Jim Koch of Sam Adams.  Each of these and many more courageous craft brewing trailblazers represented a building block in a renaissance of creative and diverse brewing that would eventually revolutionize how beer is consumed in this country and make the United States the best place in the word to be a beer drinker and a beer maker.

The culture of American craft brewing gained traction because it was an authentic grassroots movement nurtured from consumer evangelism. It continues to flourish today because of independent-minded consumers who champion independent business people who have the guts, creativity, and autonomy to brew amazing beers that break all of the rules that large companies impose on themselves and try to impose on the marketplace.   Simply put, the awesome culture and community of craft brewing would not exist if it was left up to the big conglomerates.  Independence and access to choice was and continues to be at the epicenter of the craft brewing community’s vibrancy.

The Independent Craft Brewing Seal serves as the definitive icon for American craft breweries to identify themselves to be independently-owned and to continue to carry the torch of transparency, brewing innovation and the freedom of choice originally forged by our communities’ pioneers. We added the Independent Craft Brewer Seal to our packaging to help consumers clearly identify which brands remain committed to this amazing culture that was created, cultivated and preserved by many brewing pioneers.

We think this is important because the identity and integrity of the craft brewing community have come under attack in recent months and years as certain global brewing conglomerates attempt to influence and blur the lines between their brands and those that continue to deliver innovation, imagination and community investment here in America.

Collectively, we are hopeful and confident true indie craft beer makers, and true indie craft beer drinkers will come together to give this shield power and integrity as we continue to create, cultivate and preserve the entrepreneurial and independent spirit that craft brewing was built on.

The revolution will not be televised. It will be sustained and amplified one six pack at a time.

Sam Calagione.

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Societe Brewing Company San Diego, Calif.

Societe Brewing Company logo - Take Craft Back   Societe Brewing Company - Take Craft Back

Independence allows Societe Brewing Company to be true to ourselves and our customers. From optimizing systems for beer quality over mass-production quantity, to eschewing market trends in favor of traditional beer styles, to remaining small to do best by ourselves and our patrons, we defy the trappings of corporate business models while following our artisanal, moral and creative compasses—and we love it.

Societe produces under 5,000 barrels of beer from a single facility with 23 employees. We handle every aspect of our business, from brewing to distribution, allowing us to ensure quality. This is our driving focus. To guarantee freshness, we don’t can or bottle anything except for our wild ales. Some call it extreme; we call it devoted. Regardless, it’s a level of quality-control which greatly benefits our customers; one that couldn’t exist if we were not small and legitimately independent.

When asked what our dream is for our company, we say: “You’re looking at it.” While we maintain extremely slow and strategic growth, our goals remain the same—to distribute almost exclusively in San Diego, and be a positive member of our community by maintaining its reputation while building our own and giving back.

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Beachwood Brewing Long Beach, Calif.

Beachwood Brewing - Take Craft Back   Beachwood Brewing - Take Craft Back

True to beer. It’s more than just a marketing slogan. It’s a philosophy that drives us every day at Beachwood Brewing. We are a brewery wholly dedicated to keeping the tradition of independent beer alive, not only for us but for the continued growth of our industry.

As stewards of independent beer, we get to go to work every day primarily concerned with mastering our craft; we make decisions that are not beholden to pure profit; we experiment with styles and operate with the confidence that creativity and quality are our top priorities.

By staying independent and putting our products first, we remain true to the breweries who created this industry and true to those who continue to keep beer innovation alive. In solidarity with our fellow independent brewers, we’ve been vocal with our criticism of corporate business practices.

Somewhere along the way, America came to view large corporations as a positive force, but it is small businesses that spur local economies, push innovation and create communities as rich and diverse as the beer we make. Why support independent breweries who are staying true to beer? Because the culture of craft depends on it.

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Maine Beer Company Freeport, Maine

From day one, my brother and I knew that we wanted to be a certain kind of company. We wanted to do things right no matter what. We told ourselves that if we couldn’t do things right we wouldn’t do them at all.

This is the philosophy that Maine Beer Company has stood by since the beginning, and it applies to all aspects of the company from the quality of the beer we make, to how we treat our employees, to the impact we have on the environment. Independence matters because without it, we wouldn’t be able to maintain this philosophy and hold ourselves accountable to it. There is a level of transparency that comes with independence. We want our customers to know what they are buying, who they are buying it from, and what we stand for as a company. We want our motivations as beer brewers and business owners to be clear. People need to know that the company they are supporting is a responsible one, and they need to know that they can trust us to “Do what’s right.”

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New Belgium Brewing Fort Collins, Colo.

New Belgium Brewing - Take Back Craft New Belgium Brewing - Take Back Craft

At New Belgium Brewing, we remain proudly independent and 100% employee-owned. Maintaining our independence allows us to stay true to our vision and to consider factors beyond the bottom line like our community and the environment. Being independent frees us up to take risks and pursue our passions. It allows us to dare and to dream. The independent path is not the easiest path – there is no safety net and no one will catch you when you fall. That’s also what makes it so rewarding. We have a responsibility to our beer drinkers and to each other to produce world-class beers and live up to our guiding Core Values and Beliefs.

As an employee-owned brewery, all of our co-owners are truly members of our communities and that informs our perspective in meaningful ways. At New Belgium, we feel very fortunate to be a part of this great American brewing tradition and we are especially honored to be part of the craft brewing community. We believe an informed and educated consumer deserves complete transparency as to the ownership of the breweries they choose to support. There may be no other industry that so proudly reflects the roots of American ingenuity and entrepreneurship. People want to support our efforts, and they want to know who they are supporting because in the end, those things matter when you understand what they mean.

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Kinsmen Brewing Plantsville, Conn.

Life is too short to be forced into drinking a beer that you only think is good because commercial after commercial tells you so. Sure, there’s something to say about a beer that’s been around for 100+ years that represents Americana – but in that same breath: they should step aside and embrace the new way – a community of craft beer enthusiasts who want to be the next big thing in beer. Fans of good beer, who may have cut the teeth on their market-saturated beer and decided to hike up the hill for something better. Because that, my friends, is the American way!

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Roadhouse Pub and Eatery Coming soon

Roadhouse was built on a culture of independence. It began in the early days of brewing beers in my garage based on scarcity and lack of choice, and continued when we built our first “commercial” brewhouse in a 350-square foot billiard room. We could have gone bigger and faster in the beginning but we decided to start small, keep as much ownership as we could, and boot-strap our way to scale. We did this because we didn’t want to be told what to make and who to make it for. On its surface, it was about creating more choice for others, but it was also about a strong desire to express ourselves creatively.

Independence is the foundation of freedom; of choice and expression. The antithesis is compromise. The idea of having to make any concessions on our values and our freedom is incomprehensible. Regardless of how some have tried to water it down, true “craft” cannot exist without independence. It is our job as an independent craft brewery to bring awareness to the connection between independence, innovation and choice. Independence is not about what is on the shelves today, it is about what will be on the shelves tomorrow and 10 years from now.

At Roadhouse, we believe that in order to perpetuate the continued liberation of beer and choice in America, we must value the independence of our craft breweries, and we must remain uncompromising in this regard. -Colby Cox, Co-Founder of Roadhouse Pub and Eatery.

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Left Hand Brewing Longmont, Colo.

We started Left Hand back in 1993 to fix a problem, and thought perhaps we could make a reasonable living doing it. The problem was a lack of variety in beer. The big three breweries back then had pretty much eliminated all styles, except one, American light lager. It was a boring time to be a curious beer drinker. Consolidation of beer production after the repeal of prohibition had brought us nearly to a single style – a beer singularity. And we all know what follows a singularity, right? A big bang!

We saw an opportunity to bring back nearly extinct styles and 24 years later we’ve witnessed, from the inside, an unimaginable explosion in beer variety and huge growth in beer drinker knowledge and awareness. This revolution would never have taken place if not for the efforts of dozens, and then hundreds, and now thousands of independent breweries. Independent breweries follow their muses, brew what they dream up, revive old, forgotten styles and bring excitement back to the pub and tap room. They rehabilitate old buildings (Left Hand is in what was an abandoned meat packing plant in an industrial part of Longmont), help to repopulate decrepit neighborhoods and contribute to a collective effort to build strong communities throughout the nation.

Left Hand has chosen the more challenging path of independence. We believe in brewing and selling great beer. We see the positive impact we have on local communities, farmers, business partners and our own employees. We can only stay focused on our mission by being independent and free from outside control. Sacrificing our values for riches has never, and will never, be an option.

In addition to being independent, we are also employee-owned. As a result, our team members have a sense of pride and understand their role in remaining independent. They can take a longer view and work for the greater good. One of our key core values is “Do the right thing”. We focus on quality of life as well as quality of beer.

By investing in our people and our community, we can stay focused on our mission of making the world a better place one pint at a time. It’s never been easy, but it is ultimately very gratifying to show up at the brewery every day, and make a difference in the world. This is why independence matters and this is how it makes a difference. Join us in supporting independent craft beer.

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Peak to Peak Tap & Brew Aurora, Colo.

For us, independence matters because we opened the business for our own love of craft beer. We want to be a part of and enrich the brewing community in our own way… our ideas, our recipes, our team, our story. We do our best to provide the same kind of place we like to go to — a friendly, comfortable neighborhood gathering place. We’re not interested in the ideas, opinions and agendas of a corporate machine or a faceless group of investors. This business is our baby and we nurture it and the people who work here in the same we would our own family.

This is our livelihood and our passion so why would we trust it to anyone else?

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Saranac Brewery Utica, N.Y.


We are a 4th generation 129 year-old family brewery that lives by the philosophy “we drink all we can…the rest we sell.” This passion has won our beers hundreds of awards and accolades around the world. We are proud that we are still a family company, and independent after 129 years.

In the Photo: From Left to Right Nick R. Matt, Nick Matt, Fred Matt

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Fat Head’s Brewery Middleburg Heights, Ohio

Fat Head's Brewery - Take Craft Back Fat Head's Brewery - Take Craft Back

We at Fat Head’s Brewery believe that craft brewery independence is in the best interest of all craft-beer-loving drinkers. A community of independent breweries inherently results in a retail environment that is more equitable. The grocery store or bar becomes a meritocracy where beers earn their place on shelves and draft systems based upon their quality, flavor, interest and appeal – not the influence or economic resources of its ownership group. Ultimately, the consumer wins because the highest-quality, most distinctive and innovative beers are more readily available for purchase and pleasure.

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Country Boy Brewing Lexington, Ky.

Country Boy Brewing - Take Craft BackCountry Boy Brewing - Take Craft Back

Staying independent is important to us because that is who we are. We didn’t start Country Boy Brewing with any other intention than making the best damn beer in America, and sharing it with our friends. By drinking beer made by independent brewers, you are supporting someone that lives in your community, their dreams and their great beer!

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Heavy Seas Beer Halethorpe, Md.

Heavy Seas Beer - Take Craft BackHeavy Seas Beer - Take Craft Back

Our quest for great beer can lead anywhere, from corner pubs to faraway breweries. For Heavy Seas Beer founder, Hugh Sisson, beer altered the trajectory of his life. In 1980, intending to become a stage actor and director, Hugh’s plan was to move to NYC after completing his coursework for a masters degree in theater. Hugh’s father, Albert, a Baltimore area businessman, persuaded him instead to come “help” at a newly opened family business, a tavern called Sisson’s.

Just after walking in, he was thrown the keys, and told to not screw up. Thus, launching his life into the beer world. Those roots in small business, and beer have been a life-long passion which can be seen in the progression of the brewery.

From that pub to now leading one of the largest craft breweries on the east coast — Heavy Seas is fearlessly independent. In a time where other large craft brewers are taking on unique investments to scale, Heavy Seas has carefully plotted growth by making sure every step forward is one that is good for Heavy Seas, the employees and the people that love our beer.

It is clear that to be an independent means that you have to “do without” all the resources. Many brewers that have sold to the multinationals have all of those beneficial resources – access to and lower cost of raw materials, capital, production capacity, distributor focus and clout with national accounts. But along with the good comes the fact that they are captive to the rules of the game set by their masters. Remaining independent is hard but rewarding.

The Heavy Seas brand is about risk taking and rising to a challenge, but to be successful in most endeavors you need to temper the reckless impulse to just plunge in with a certain measure of patient consideration. We want the beers to have bold flavors, but we follow our own compass in producing beers that don’t follow trends or fads.

Recently we went all in our commitment to independence changing our tagline to –


Each word that is deeply rooted in our passions, and vision for how we can create craft brews that capture your sense of adventure.

We like to say:

Don’t live a boring existence. Be Fearless.

Don’t settle for the ordinary. Be Bold.

Don’t let others define who you are. Be Independent.

Are you ready to be


We already are!

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Cismontane Brewing Santa Ana, Calif.

Independence is why we do this. We make our own decisions, our own products, create our own path and work together to do so.

The craziest thing we have done for our independence is quitting our day jobs to try and make this work!

Do you want to support your friends, neighbors and community through the products you purchase or a multi-national conglomerate where CEOs are getting paid 99% of the profits?

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Upslope Brewing Company Boulder, Colo.

Upslope Brewing Company - Take Back Craft   Upslope Brewing Company - Take Back Craft

Passion, independence and a connection to the community are the pillars in which craft brewers were founded. Craft beer emerged as a reaction to what has been happening with American beer for decades. No corporate ties, no rules of the road. In step with the craft beer pioneers that paved the way, the independents emerged. Then came the buyouts, the craft vs. crafty, and the “me too’s”​. Now, the non-independent brewers easily blend in with the rest.

Why is it important to know? It’s important because the beer-loving public has chosen the independents, (a trait that was recently deemed in a craft beer study as important to 81% of the craft beer appreciators when making a purchasing decision about craft beer), and the public should not be duped when it comes to supporting their “independent” brewery.

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