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Societe Brewing Company

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Societe Brewing Company San Diego, Calif.

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Independence allows Societe Brewing Company to be true to ourselves and our customers. From optimizing systems for beer quality over mass-production quantity, to eschewing market trends in favor of traditional beer styles, to remaining small to do best by ourselves and our patrons, we defy the trappings of corporate business models while following our artisanal, moral and creative compasses—and we love it.

Societe produces under 5,000 barrels of beer from a single facility with 23 employees. We handle every aspect of our business, from brewing to distribution, allowing us to ensure quality. This is our driving focus. To guarantee freshness, we don’t can or bottle anything except for our wild ales. Some call it extreme; we call it devoted. Regardless, it’s a level of quality-control which greatly benefits our customers; one that couldn’t exist if we were not small and legitimately independent.

When asked what our dream is for our company, we say: “You’re looking at it.” While we maintain extremely slow and strategic growth, our goals remain the same—to distribute almost exclusively in San Diego, and be a positive member of our community by maintaining its reputation while building our own and giving back.

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