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Upslope Brewing Company

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Upslope Brewing Company Boulder, Colo.

Upslope Brewing Company - Take Back Craft   Upslope Brewing Company - Take Back Craft

Passion, independence and a connection to the community are the pillars in which craft brewers were founded. Craft beer emerged as a reaction to what has been happening with American beer for decades. No corporate ties, no rules of the road. In step with the craft beer pioneers that paved the way, the independents emerged. Then came the buyouts, the craft vs. crafty, and the “me too’s”​. Now, the non-independent brewers easily blend in with the rest.

Why is it important to know? It’s important because the beer-loving public has chosen the independents, (a trait that was recently deemed in a craft beer study as important to 81% of the craft beer appreciators when making a purchasing decision about craft beer), and the public should not be duped when it comes to supporting their “independent” brewery.

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